Writing weekly (which I don’t seem to be able to do 1/2 the time!) makes me even more enthusiastic in the garden and so, to have something to write about, I have been out scratching around.  I employed Pete to put up a small trellis for me and have planted most of my climbing peas…42 seeds in all…. along either side of it.  I have been putting climbing peas in here and there around single tobacco sticks as I pull up cabbages but have been largely unsuccessful with the strike rate so I am hoping that by having them all in one spot I may be able to keep a better eye on them!  In my weeding I have found my Welsh red stemmed bunching onions and most are doing ok – a happy find.

It is surprisingly mild here through the middle of the day – the nights and mornings are almost bitterly cold – and I already feel myself gravitating towards spring planting and it’s only June!  In my dreaming of spring planting I have made a rough plan.  In August I am going to plant out some of my seeds in trays covered with plastic.  Once these have 4 leaves I will plant them out with milk containers over them to provide a warm micro climate and then I will mulch around them with lucerne, maybe covering the milk containers a bit too.  This will assuage my spring urges (I hope) even though I realise that these plants will probably grow no less quickly than those planted later when the earth warms up.

Today as I was planting the peas I was dreaming of Bananas… do you think I could grow them here?  I think there are probably enough warm spots to try but where would I get some suckers from?  Any ideas?

I also NEED to acquire some asparagus crowns….  I think there are some asparagus farms around here so I’ll have to do some research in my spare time 🙂 !