At the moment I am working on about 4 projects doing a little on each and watching them all progress at a reasonable rate. I have so many on the go because I couldn’t decide between the fibres so all at once seemed a good approach.

My first stop of each day is some sock knitting. This is the second in the pair, the first was a pleasure to knit and such a joyful thing to watch the colours self stripe. I am especially enjoying this project knowing that I have processed the fleece from raw state to knitting.

After I have done a few rows of the sock I usually pick up the charity knitting:

I am trying to knit 12 rows a day which I think works out that I’ll have it done in 30 days, plenty of time to get it in. This is much more pleasant to knit than I had anticipated as I don’t usually like to knit with acrylic. This lot is surprisingly soft and doesn’t feel too yucky on my fingers.

My third project is Panel B of the Mohair Blanket, 1 finished Panel A a long time ago and have B,C,D & E to go. I love the feeling of the Studio Mohair as I knit it and surprisingly I am not finding the stocking stitch boring but I think I can attribute that to the range of projects on the go!

The fourth project is a spinning one. It is the same wool as my sock yarn and it is intended to be another sock yarn. I have finished spinning the blue and am now onto the white – I am going to make it a 2 ply with the contrasting colours. I have prepared the white by scouring it, flicking and then drum carding and have pre-drafted the batts prior to spinning and seem to be getting a reasonably consistent single.