Here is a list of the seeds I would like to buy for Spring planting:

Beans – 4 packets in July

  1. Lazy Housewife – climbing bean. I have bought these once before and I kept collecting the seeds every year for the past 3 but in the move I have lost them. I really like these beans, prolific and nice to look at. The catalogue at Diggers suggests that they get around 561g per plant….I am going to weigh them this year and see….if I remember…. 🙂 .
  2. Rattle snake bean – climbing bean. This bean is rated highest in the Diggers Club taste tests and yields for 4 months!
  3. Dragons Tongue – bush bean. It looks great and will add excitement for the kids and I when we are picking them.
  4. Sex without Strings – bush bean. It’s an heirloom variety and golden so a bit of variety for us!

Broccoli – 1 packet in November

  1. Green Sprouting – It’s an Italian Calabrese heirloom variety so close to my heart. I’ve had this one before and it was great, in fact, one plant stayed producing for well over 12 months until we went overseas and my house mates forgot to pick it.

Brussels Sprouts – 1 packet in November

  1. Ruby – heirloom variety that looks stunning.

Cabbage – 1 packet in November

  1. January King – It’s a green heirloom variety (have red left from my last lot of seeds).

Cauliflower – 1 packet in November

  1. Mini – it crops in 4 months

Capsicum – 1 packet in July

  1. Seven Colour Mix – An heirloom mixture that includes Sweet Chocolate, Purple beauty, White Cloud, Yellow Macaroni, Chinese Giant, Cubanelle and Orange Bell, it’s a bit of fun, we don’t eat all that many capsicums when we are not growing them ourselves – I like the sound of the Chocolate ones….

Carrots – I think we’ll need at least 4 packets in July

  1. Heirloom mix – includes 3 colour purple, Orange Chantenay, Yellow Austrian Lobbericher and Belgian White – once again I just think this is a “fun” group to keep interest in the garden. Sophie has learnt how to pull up carrots so imagine her delight when they are all different coloured!
  2. Baby – these can be harvested from 8 weeks so they’ll fill gaps in carrots
  3. All Seasons – they can be planted all year round
  4. Mini round – an heirloom carrot that would look great in stews

Corn – 2 packets in July

  1. Dwarf – it’s a cold tolerant variety which grows to 1.7m tall
  2. Golden Bantam – heirloom variety

Cucumber – 1 packet in July

  1. Lebanese mini Muncher – heirloom variety that bears about 16 fruit per plant

Eggplant – 1 packet in July

  1. Listada de Granida – Italian heirloom and beautiful

Kale – 1 packet in July

  1. Tuscan Black – heirloom – the name just draws me and I think it would look great in the garden

Melons – 2 packets in July

  1. Jam melons – for Pete’s Mum as she loves these and hasn’t been able to get seeds.
  2. Golden Midget – watermelon that changes colour when it is ripe.

Parsnip – 2 packets in July

  1. Hollow Crown – surely if I get 2 packs some will germinate!

Peanuts – 1 packet in July

  1. Virginia – these were on my Growing Challenge list so they are an absolute must for my Spring planting 🙂 .

Peas – 3 packets in July for Spring planting

  1. Snow Pea Climbing – a favourite in our house, so versitile and yummy.
  2. Purple podded Dutch Pea – an heirloom that can be eaten fresh or dried.
  3. Greenfeast – heirloom shelling pea.

Potatoes – 2 packs in July

  1. Potato Club Combo – Bison, Desiree, Toolangi Delight, Bownwell and King Edward varieties.
  2. Kipfler – yummy!

Pumpkin – 2 packets in July

  1. Turks Turban – love the look of these!
  2. Heirloom mix – this includes Queensland Blue, Jap, Waltham Butternut, Blue Hubbard, Red Kuri & Ironbark.

Silverbeet – 1 packet in July

  1. 5 Colour Mix – again, a sense of adventure for my budding vegetable gardeners.

Tomatoes – 3 packets in July

  1. Tigerella – an absolute must for me as I once had plants that bore fruit for 12 months against a north facing wall. All the older Italians in the street want to know my secret….neglect and forgetting to pull them out when they looked dead :).
  2. Amish Paste – for preserving.
  3. Tommy Toe

Zucchini – 1 packet in July

  1. Crookneck – I know my in-laws will grow their usual Black Beauty type ones so for something different I’ll try these.

If anyone is interested in going “halves” in any of these seeds let me know!  I intend to save the seeds this year to keep my garden perpetually self sufficient 🙂 .