I read a lot of blogs and I mean a lot.  I read them first thing in the morning, I read them at morning tea and I read them in the afternoon when I get the time.  Sometimes I knit while I read but I am not very good a concentrating on either task then.  There are some blogs that I read EVERY day that they post – I subscribe to most of the blogs I read through bloglines so that when I am away or too busy to play on the net I can catch up.

Today I did just that and caught up on Little Jenny Wren and her post Truth Beauty & Goodness and it has once again inspired me with my house keeping.  I read Down to Earth every day – I love the way Rhonda writes, I like they way they live their lives and it makes me feel that there are people out there like me at all different ages and financial situations – and I particularly enjoyed Rhonda’s cleaning posts here, here and here.

I am the sort of person that really feels a clean house a clean mind… when I am surrounded by clutter and mess I tend to feel a little stressed….more so because I know this affects my husband 🙂 .  Still, I am a realist, I have 2 babes 13 months apart, live in a small 2 bedroom house, love to knit and spin instead of house work, run an on-line business and am my mother’s daughter (she had a house cleaner for many years).

These blogs and posts, filled with general living, housekeeping and craft, inspire me to do more – that’s why I read them.  They inspire me!