I recently borrowed a copy of Gardening Australia’s Permaculture & Organic Gardening DVD with Josh Byrne and found it to be a very inspiring.  He basically converts a “normal” suburban house block into a permaculture garden – it really is great to watch and feel both reassurance about how I have done things and inspiration and motivation to extend and excel.

Anyway I have taken one of his ideas and run with it in preparation for Spring and Summer…. reusing old bike tubes for ties!  What a GREAT idea!  I just can’t stop thinking about Cadel Evens as he wears his yellow Jersey and how he could but up all his old bike tubes and sell them as elite performance tomato ties….maybe I’ll start a new business selling reused bike tube tomato ties….

Here is how I made mine:

Step 1 – Obtain an old bike tube – I went into the local bike store and the man retrieved one from the bin for me.  It had been repaired a few times and was beyond fixing for it’s roll as a bike tyre so it was destined for the tip but I have SAVED it :).

Step 2 – Gather your tools – you can use a cutting board and Stanely Knife as I began using or simply a pair of scissors (this was the easier and most comfortable option for me).

Step 3 – Cut out the valve – I don’t know what else this could be used for so I tossed it but if you think or know of anything please let me know.

Step 4 – Cut the tube on one side so you can lay it flat and then proceed to cut strips – I left most of mine long with the idea that I will cut them to length as I need them.

Step 5 – Grow lots of yummy vegies that need tying so you can use your new ties and make sure to reuse them every year! Or, use them to practice counting and wear them as a scarf when it gets really cold :).