I have embarked on the crusade of homemade compost. Now, I know that almost all of you who blog about gardening make your own compost and that I am behind the 8 ball on this but I have made it. It feels like the coming of age…. I am now a grown up gardener as I have a compost heap. Not only do I have a compost heap, I have an ACTIVE compost heap :).

It all started with the lovely gift of 10 bags guaranteed weed free horse poo touted as “the poo of champions”. Indeed it is weed free as I have added it to parts of the vegie patch with no worries but my darling husband has quietly lamented the fact that so many bags are still sitting under the shed and muttered that perhaps I did not appreciate the gift. Now I don’t want any of that talk around here – I love to be given poo (and if you are reading this dear husband maybe you could find me some sheep poo?), it actually gets me excited with endless possibilities in my garden.

So, I had put 2-3 bags on my vegie patch (with good results) and needed to use some more so when I was making my last row in the patch I decided to pile up the weeds on some necterine prunnings and throw on some horse poo. The pile grew so much that day so I decided to muck out the chook pen and dump all of that on top (good Karma as I was given 3 new chooks the next day). I watered it in well and covered it over.

A week later I noticed that my in-laws had meddled with my pile. I sucked in a deep breath and went to investigate and happily noted that they had dumped all the Autmumn leaves onto the pile. A few days later Pete mowed their lawns and dumped the clippings on and I turned it. The next day I went to water it and get it ready for the clippings from our garden and noticed steam coming off the heap. I was pretty excited and I turned it again, Pete dumped more clippings on and I watered it in.

The other day I went to have a look at it – stop here and note how simple living involves such simple pleasures, it is such a slippery slop of simple joys – and forked up a bit and just couldn’t resist putting my hand in. It was HOT! Hot I tell you, I pulled my hand out with the biggest grin. I am making compost the right way!

I am now going to start a new heap and let the old one mature while turning it every so often. I am hoping that in 6-10 weeks I’ll have lovely compost to play with. I still have about 5 bags of “poo of champions” left so I can see a few heaps on the go at once if I can find the space.