My favourite jeans are no longer made 😦 and I am really disappointed as they are the only ones that I have ever felt comfortable in while looking good. The knees wore through a few months ago and I decided – after trying to buy a replacement pair of jeans without success) – to take a leaf out of Rhonda’s book and mend my clothes. I love to knit but sewing is not a strong point and Fregie Sacks were really the extent of my sewing ability.

My sister-in-law, Jane, is really quite amazing with a sewing machine and she recently made a cute dress for Sophie with a really funky patch on the front.

The patch caught my eye and I asked her to make me some patches for my jeans which she kindly did along with another gift here. She is great – I think she should start a business but 3 babies keep her busy!

I have finally patched my jeans and here is how:

Step 1 – Have a great sister in law who makes patches.

Step 2 – Iron the patches in place.

Step 3 – Wrestle with the sewing machine and sew an edge on the patches making sure to only sew through 1 side of the leg :). Here is what I did:

Step 4 – Borrow a quick unpicker and unpick the incorrectly sewn pieces so you can put your jeans on and finish sewing.