There is a glut of rocket here at the moment and it is starting to bolt so I thought I’d make use of Crazy Mumma’s Rocket and Walnut Pesto recipe.  I can highly recommend it, it is just lovely!  We were given the walnuts a couple of months ago and, since I snapped the nut cracker, we haven’t really been eating all that many even though we love them (I intend to grow them when we get our own house).

I didn’t blanch the rocket and I didn’t measure the ingredients, I just threw in a BIG bunch of rocket, the walnuts that I had (I lightly toasted them in the oven one night) and whatever cheese and oil we had left.  I think it would have been better with more cheese and oil but Sophie was/is sick again with a gastro type illness so I couldn’t go out.

Sam and I have been eating it for lunch on spaghetti – just plain but oh so not plain!  Yummy Yummy, go and make it!

P.S. I am hoping to have lots and lots of rocket seed so if you want some when they are ready….