Towards the end of last year I stated that I wanted to try and knit 1 item each month for charity and, I have to admit that it is pretty slow going at the moment. For January I am counting the booties that went with the beanie (I am counting the beanie as December’s item) and now I have finally completed the scarf for the Guardian Chemist Guardian Angel Project. Yay! I really don’t like knitting scarves and I hate that they are the first thing every tells you to knit when you are beginning to knit. I think something short and sweet like a dish cloth is a much better idea – a it more instant gratification. Or a beanie. With a beanie you get to learn to cast on, cast off, decrease and sew (if you don’t knit it in the round).

Here is the scarf post blocking:

Pattern: Guardian Angel Knitting Book: Mock Cable Beanie & Scarf (scarf)
Yarn: 1 skein 8ply Carnival Acrylic given from previous next door neighbour
Needles: 4mm
Project started: June 2008
Project completed: 16th July 2008

Notes: Easy knit but I can’t say I really enjoyed it – I prefer the softness of wool fibres.

I have cast on a matching beanie but it is very slow going and I am not really enjoying it….still I have only knit 2 out of the desired 7 items for charity so far this year so I better go get knitting 🙂 .