I have finally got the Elizabeth Zimmermann bug and it just equals even more WIPs.  Even her name is exciting!  Funny to think that books/newsletters published so long ago can be so inspirational and exciting and it makes you wonder why you have waited so long!  I’m talking about this book:

I recently bought it on Amazon – my first ever Amazon purchase – and I am in love with it.  I read it in bed every night and I can read the same page over and over and over again and still get more out of it every time.  My Bosworth Mini was lying around with some Finn/Cashmere blend my friend Nat gave me spun so I decided to start knitting straight off the spindle and I now have this:

Love it!  It is so so soft and lovely to knit with even on yucky steel circulars!  I am not sure how far this lot of singles will go but I have plenty of fibre left so more is not a problem!