Last week I said watch this space and I should have updated my post on Monday as my designated gardening day as set by The Growing Challenge but here it is anyway.  This is what we have done so far:

Pete cut up the old red gum and laid it out for me – we have made 6 beds in total that are around 1300×2600.  I filled 3 of the beds with 3 bales of leafy lucerne mulch that the farmer across the road gave us and put a layer of composted mulch in the middle – ie layer of horse manure on ground, 3 inches of lucerne, 3 inches of composted mulch, a sprinkling of horse manure, 2 inches of lucerne.

I have started transplanting my vegetable from the old garden in hope that they will survive and give us some produce soon.  So far I have transplanted 6 cabbages, 12 lettuce, 12 garlic, 24 Welsh Red stem spring onions,  2 mustard, 12 peas and 3 parsley plants.

It was a lovely day enjoyed by all:

But it was pretty fresh – lots of snow on the mountains!