I was reading Belinda’s post here today and it made me start thinking, once again, about the quantities of food we use a year.  It’s kind of mind boggling and I find it hard to realy work out but I want to so I can “prepare” food as I grow it over summer.

Do you remember the peaches I bottled?  Well, we have just started eating them – only used one jar – as I was so worried we’d run out and want more that weren’t available….silly really!  The kids love them – so do I – and they really do taste of summer.  I think long term I’d like to be able to open a jar a week of home preserved peaches!

Today’s pondering has been on tomatoes.  I have been very diligent in not buying “fresh” out of season ones as they have very little flavour and feel like the plastic wrapper you get on Kraft Singles but we use lots of tinned “whole” tomatoes and lots of Pete’s Mum’s home made sauce (ie for pasta, not the BBQ kind).  So I figure that I need to be able to preserve a minimum of 104 jar of whole tomatoes (2 a week) and 104 jars of Sauce (again 2 a week).  Then I figured that the kids love relish so we need about 26 jars for the year (I love to put it in stews/casseroles) and I would like to try my hand at the BBQ tomato sauce variety – if the family liked that we’d need about 12 bottles a year (we don’t use much bought Tomato Sauce but I think we’d use more home made stuff as I’d probably offer it to them more).  We love home made sundried tomatoes and would eat more if we had more available so I think about 1 jar a month and, I have never made it, tomato paste is in lots of things I cook and is a great ingredient when cooking from scratch – maybe 12 jars?

So here is what I figure:


120-150 jars of whole tomatoes

120-150 jars of sauce for pastas, casseroles, soups etc

26 jars of relish

12 jars of sauce

12 jars of sundried tomatoes

12 jars tomato paste

To hopefully achieve this I am planning on planting 6 Tigerella’s, 12 Amish paste, 4 Reisentraube & 4 Tommy Toes – this should give us plenty to bottle & eat fresh…..

Any thoughts?

By the way – thanks to 2 lots of advise I have followed by lettuce with onions this time round!