It’s been a while since I have posted or really even been back to my blog for many reasons and I hope share a few of those over the next couple of weeks.  like every one else, life is very busy and it seems that the days are flying by.  I read a post on Rhonda’s blog some time ago and it made me really stop and smell the roses so to speak in respect to the children.  There has been playing, eating, dreaming, drawing, play dough, painting (oh lots of painting!), running, riding and fighting and all have been embraced (I admit that it has been grudgingly embraced at times).  There’s been a trip to Melbourne, a trip to Numurkah, a trip to hospital (nothing serious), 2 trips to the vet and many trips to Beechworth.

I feel lately that my time has not been my own but I guess that is a huge part of being a parent and that at times most parents would feel the same.  Running an online business that is growing has been time consuming but rewarding and I have a wonderful business partner that shares the highes and lows and work load but between that and the family there has not felt like much time in between – which of course must be a falicy!

On the craft front it doesn’t feel like much has happened although there are a few things to blog about – they’ll come.  I have picked up Picovoli again and am just finishing off the lower increases, I am still working on socks for Pete, I have a pair of mitts for a niece on the go that don’t seem to ever get any attention, I have been spinning on my wheel, Nat’s wheel and the drop spindle and I have been working on the Elizabeth Zimmerman Circular Shawl – as usual lots on the go but no real progress.

The home front is great – Pete has been on holidays to work on La Bella Casa – with lots of family and friends around.  We have been working as a team to get the house painting done and it has transformed our “farm house” into a cottage (on the outside at least 🙂 !!).  There have been many trips up to our new block of land – it is pure bliss!  I will share our block at some point, it is all ours now.  Ours!  I still cannot believe it and when I stand on the top of the hill and look down my heart pounds and I feel that I will surely wake from a blissful dream to find it is all just that.  It seams that if you drop by for more than an hour we rush you off there as if to confirm that it really is ours.  We have so many dreams for the land – revegetation the highest priority – and house that will hopefully follow in the next 12 months.  Straw bale of course!  Many discussions about toilets and power grace our table – some passionate, some dispassionate – and opinions are sought from all our “allies”.  It is an exciting time.

The garden is coming along – there have been at least a handful of disappointing episodes over the past few weeks but it is getting there.  A Growing Challenge update is in order for Monday – I really feel like I am being challenged at the moment with many unsuccessful seed raising attempts!

The chickens are lovely – just lovely – and I am very fond of them.  If I get a few minutes to sit beside them I find myself laughing at their antics.  They really don’t stay little fluff balls for long and they are mostly feathered now.  I have another batch incubating after swearing I’d never do it again – funny how the ego can prompt you to do things!

There is a big thank you to make and pictures to show – maybe tomorrow – and I really have to do a Pay it Forward post…. I will, I will!

Tomorrow I am going to play morning tennis in the local competition while my Mother-in-law looks after the kids – I am nervous on both fronts but know I don’t need to be – and tomorrow afternoon I have to go to Wodonga for business (how grown up! Really!).  Busy Busy.  Of course I will be taking some knitting along to tennis – 3 hours without kids and only a game of tennis to interrupt…..lovely!

My camera is dying a slow and painful death – how poorly things are made these days, I thought it would last forever and I have only had 5 years out of it – so my photos are probably fewer these days but to keep stop me typing I’ll just put in a couple of photos of the chicks: