Yay!  We almost have a complete fence!  So close to being completed but then then house painting started and then the squash injury so we are not quite there…

Pete had a vision that started with the vegie beds – he made those in record time and I am still begging for more time to leave move by existing vegies til they are ready for harvest.  Poor Pete – he loves order and I am the complete opposite of order!

After he made the vegie beds he dug all the post holes and put the posts in.  We had a few dramas – due to inexperience – in working out how to level the poles and were given so much advice (all different of course) but Pete listened and did it his own way… it worked!

Once the poles were in Pete asked our Brother-in-law to help out and drill all the holes for the top and bottom wires.  These were drilled straight through with a HUGE drill bit and then Pete and I threaded through the wires.  We had a little trouble remembering how to use the Gripple but after a night of deliberating it Claude woke at 6am with the answer.

Claude tensioned the wires while Pete was at work and when he got home the put on the mesh.  They put stays (diagonal posts) against the posts that were used to tension the wire to keep them square and drilled the holes for the gates.  Gates were hung with surprising ease (as an observer) and the fence looked pretty much complete.  We are yet to finish off the bits against the carport including a gate from the carport to the yard but it looks great and already helps keep the dog and kids in… a little!

Speaking of the dog, poor Poa seems to be suffering from skin allergies and has spent last night at the vets getting shaved around her neck, having antibiotics, getting micro-chipped and de-sexed so she’ll be in a sorry state when I pick her up!

Holes being drilled through the posts by Claude

Threading the bottom wire – later tensioned with gripples

A picture to include the garden…

I am yet to take finished pictures….maybe next week with the Garden update.  Making the fence was relatively easy and Pete was able to do nearly all of it by himself but it was great for him to have help.  The fence has changed the look of the backyard and helps La Bella Casa take on her own identity – an added bonus is that the chooks wont be able to get in and eat my vegies!  Just wish Poa would stop digging up my parsnips as they sprout!