I have finally planted out some of my peanut seeds – 15 of them to be precise.  They are in my milk carton punnets, inside the greenhouse thingy, so hopefully they’ll germinate.  The packet says “slow to germinate” which is not good for an impatient gardener like me!  It also says 50% germination rate so I will sew another lot when this lot comes up…. I am running out of room in the vegie patch.

Blogging is good for many things – it is especially good for keeping records so I have taken photos of each vegie bed to put on here as a record that I can refer back to.

In the Greenhouse I have Buttercrunch lettuce, Gwenda White lettuce, Amish Paste tomatoes, Tigerella tomatoes, capsicum, golden nugets, lebanese cucumers, silverbeet, beetroot, bok choi, wong bok, tatsoi & peanuts – all planted out today.

Bed 1 – South end of patch – Potatoes:

I have decided to try growing the potatoes by covering them up to their top leaves with mulch this year.  I haven’t ever really tried potatoes so I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out.  This bed has 4 varieties:  Desiree; Ruby Lou, Kennebec and Red —.  In the wire tube behind this bed I have — and I am yet to plant the Kipflers – I know they are very late but I am slack and we have still be getting frosts here anyway…

Bed 1 – The Potato Patch

Bed 2 – This bed has caused me a lot of grief but mostly due to Poa repeatedly digging up one corner.  It now has 3 Lebanese cucumbers at the far end which I am hoping will grow up the bit of trellis.  There is room for another 1 or 2 but I didn’t strike enough seeds.  I think 3 will be enough for us anyway but I have put in more seeds for my MIL.  Next in this bed there are 2 parsnips coming up left over from the ones Poa destroyed.  Next is a line of Dwarf Snow Peas – we love Snow Peas and in future I will grow heaps more….I hope… On the other side of the snow peas is a row of Little Finger carrots (but they seem to be disappearing) and then onions – not sure if they are red ones or brown…  Next to those is two rows of mostly bok choi with a few surviving baby beets in between.  After those there is a row of dwarf beans (about 12) that I put in today then 8 eggplant that I raised from seed and then 3 crookneck squash.  As they all grow it will be pretty jammed in but I figure the overcrowding will help reduce moisture loss over what seems like will be a very hot summer.  Some things will be gone before others mature and it is after all an experimental learning experience!

Bed 2 – Poa’s favourite digging spot

Bed 3 – Down the south side of this bed is a trellis with Dwarf Peas flowering – I saved hose from the old garden.  At either end are the broccoli and cauliflower.  There are rocket seedling among the broccoli, corn at either end, lettuce, dwarf beans, cabbage, parsley, onions, spring onion & silverbeet.  I think this is my favourite bed.

Bed 3 – My favourite vegie bed

Bed 4 – This bed also has corn at either end, celery, Jerusalem artichokes (well my one remaining corm anyway), bok choi, buttercrunch lettuce, Gwenda White lettuce, garlic, a few carrots I am hoping will go to seed, silverbeet, chives, spring onions, cabbage and brown onions.

Bed 4 – aphids on the cabbages need dealing with…

Bed 5 – Chicken house for the baby chicks… they were here for about a month?  maybe not that long but they have now been moved over to the Chook pen and co-habit with Mr Rooster and his 6 girls.  I have put in some reo mesh so that the chickens can hide behind it when they need to but all seems to be going well for now.   This is destined to become my tomato bed… lots of tomatoes and basil if any ever sprout!

Bed 5 – a chicken house…

Bed 6 – This bed has been my dumping ground, this is where I have thrown all the bok choi, Tatsoi & Wong bok when it went to seed.  Others – not my immediate family – have dumped lawn clippings in there and now I have put 2 Golden Nuggets in the west end of it (I knocked over the Greenhouse and these were thrown from there home so I planted them out with only their very first leaves).  In the other end of this bed I think I’ll throw in the Kipflers…. not sure.

Bed 6 – Needs a little loving

The Compost is going slowly now but seems to be looking right – I have had very little experience with compost.  Behind it I have made a mound a thrown in a few Heirloom pumpkin seeds – my hope is that they will grow up and along the fence.

A working compost heap.

The worm farm under a grape vine on the east fence

Orange Trees repotted – hope they survive…

Kaffir Lime – repotted ages ago – now starting to take off

The front garden has become my herb garden.  Not by design, it’s just worked out that way.  It contains peppermint, common mint, oregano, thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, scented geranium, dill, tarragon, chives, strawberries (my 3 that survived), lemon grass, sage, parsley, johnny jump ups, alysum & freesias… it’s such a mix of things!  I like to sit and look at it…. it pleases me with it’s vibrancy, perfume and texture.  Oh, it now has 3 tiny Tommy Toe tomatoes in it too!

The herb garden faces west