Today is my little brother’s birthday and he is on the other side of the world with strangers (to me anyway) – hopefully having fun! October is a month for birthdays in our family but then, when I think about, most months have birthdays between our families!

Last weekend we went to Melbourne to celebrate 4 birthdays in 2 locations.  We all had a ball – the kids especially – and Pete and I really enjoyed seeing how our children have developed into little people who love their cousins and enjoy a play.

Saturday was spent in Ballarat with cousins:

(photos sent by Jane)

My brother is a much better seed raiser than me and very kindly gave me some tomato plants and some lettuce – he also threw in a heap of lettuce seeds and some sunflower seeds so I hope I can get them to grow!  Sunflowers are my favourite flower of all.

And Sunday was spent in Doreen with friends celebrating a 30th and a 1st.  Too much fun, food and playing left us all with a stomach bug that has caused lots of vomiting!  Yuck!