Me – that’s going to be me!  A human processing plant!  It’s amazing how much I feel embraced by the extended family and how the love my “eccentricities” of chooks, wool and farm life!  Not so eccentric but I think they are all so surprised by it – shows how little they knew me to begin with! – and they embrace it whole hearted (it may be that they are just so happy to find a home for their fleeces other than the tip!).  Last week this turned up:

I think there were about 20 fleeces there!  20!  What were they thinking?  Wonderful really and I am very greatful – I think lots will be going to spinning group with me!

Pete was really good about it – I thought he’d flip out about so much wool but instead he instantly said we should store it in the old tobacco kilns – we filled 2 draws with about 12-14 fleeces.

The only thing left is to decide what to do with it all – I hope to send some away for processing and then play around with natural dyes and hopefully sell some like my original plan to pay for the processing…. we’ll see as I still haven’t done the last lot.