I have sent off 10kg of the wool to Long Tops in Geelong.  It’s wonderful to have “found” them and I think I will be able to make good use of them but they do require a minimum of 10kg of raw fleece (you get about 6kg back but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s less).  10kg was half of what Pete’s cousin gave me so, when I have saved a little more money, I am planning on sending the rest.  The first batch is going to be turned into tops (which I will practise some “natural” dyeing on) but I am thinking that I might get the second batch turned into 4ply yarn so I can dye it for sock knitting….  Keep an eye out here if you want some but I don’t think it will happen until well into the New Year – Long Tops has to wait until they have a certain quantity before they can use the Wool Scourer at CSIRO.