Yesterday was spent doing a bit of gardening – it was supposed to be my Spinning Day in Melbourne but after gastro during the week and a slight cold now I couldn’t face the drive… 3 hours alone in the car might have sent me to sleep!  I already regret not going but hopefully they’ll have a session next month.

The potato bed was filled up with mostly rotted compost in the hope that they will produce more potatoes but I am a bit concerned as some have started to flower…. isn’t it too early for them to be flowering?  I guess they need plenty of water from now on but having never grown them before I am scouring blogs to see what others are up to.

In Bed 2 I placed stakes around the outside and 2 Lazy Housewife seeds at the bottom of each – you only get 20 seeds in a pack but if grown well they’ll produce up to 561 grams per plant!  That’s a lot of beans for us and hopefully lots of seeds for next year.

Bed 3 is suffering from Chook invasions but limping along – we have had a small harvest of peas from the ailing dwarf peas.  I dont’ think they liked being transplanted or the hot weather we’ve been having.

The other beds are slowly progressing – I don’t remember when I last bought lettuce and I wish I could say that for all the other vegies but I am really just learning in many ways!

Little success with my second lot of seeds – maybe it’s too hot?  Cucumbers, tatsoi, wong bok and bok choi are up but no peanuts, luttuce, bush pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplant, silverbeet, capsicum or tomatoes.

It’s my little nephews 1st birthday today so Happy Birthday Finn!