Wow – back to posting “properly” for Melinda’s Growing Challenge – I seem to have last the blogging plot on this one for a while 🙂 !

My Peanuts are starting to rear their unusual heads  – I say unusual as I find their leaves to be so different from any other vegetable I have ever attempted growing – and I have 1 fully up and one that looks like it may present itself any day now.  I figure if only one comes up I will still get the chance to try growing it and collect seed for next year…. see, a bright side!

Last week I was feeling quite low about my gardening skills but in reality I should have know it was yet another lesson in patience – I think I could be subject to a lesson in patience every day of my life and still not master it….  We now have 3 Tigerella tomato seedlings, 2 Amish Paste & a Reisentruabe.  Not quite the 31 seeds I planted but a bit better than last time and more may still pop up…

Bok choi, Wom Bok & Tatsoi are almost ready to plant out and I even have ONE capsicum.  Luckily another 4 eggplant have also struck as Poa keeps digging up the vegie patch to bury bones…. does anyone know how to train a dog NOT to dig?  Would love some ideas there!!!  I have resorted to putting some old reinforcement mesh over the newest bed but she is now digging in the established ones and I think she has ruined my crop of dwarf beans and carrots…..  Love the dog though – lucky we CAN buy vegetables and don’t depend on the garden for our daily sustenance…

In the non-vegetable garden we have continued on with the landscaping of the back yard at La Bella Casa in an attempt to make it a beautful house to be rented out.  The “river” acts as a perfect drain as Pete had intended and we have now finished it off to the dry “pond”. A bed has been dug around it and mulch put on top and hopefully, later this week or next, we’ll go to a kind of local native nursery Pete used for work to get a whole heap of native grasses and shrubs.  When I save a bit of money I’ll go to the local sculpture place (what are those places called?) and buy a bird bath and then hopefully in 12 months time we’ll get a bit of bird life up close to the house – not that we’ll be living here but hopefully someone else will enjoy it….

On a knitting note – I finished Picovoli on Friday night and wore it to the Violet Town Market thankfully as it was FREEZING!