Sowing seed or Planting –

  • 14 Tatsoi seedlings
  • 3 Wom Bok seedlings
  • 14 lettuce seedlings (gifted by my brother – looking worse for wear after Poa digging them up!)


  • 5 clumps of Garlic Chive seeds in the front garden
  • Basil seeds in the front garden

Potting up

  • ? nectarine seeding from the old garden – who knows if it will even produce but it’s fun to see…

Planning for The Future

  • Thinking about what needs to be struck up for the “new” vegie patch at the block – don’t tell Pete!!!

Working for the Future –

Managing Stores

  • Dish cloth stock take
  • Panicking about the lack of tomatoes germinating and pondering planting more

Building Community –

  • Toy library duty – involves spending an hour opening up the library for members – not really a duty as Sophie & Sam love pulling out the toys!
  • Wrote and email to our Toy Library President with ideas for increasing membership

Learn a new Skill –

  • Continuing to try and spin thick singles for my EZ blanket… not going too well but still trying :).