My blogging is so up and down lately but this week has been full of drama – and not good drama – so I haven’t felt like blogging.  Mum had a “turn” on Tuesday night which was horrible to see the aftermath of but she has “come good” for now.  Horrible, horrible.  You think you are prepared for everything and then when something happens & you see a loved one looking so “unalive” and vulnerable it’s just so devastating – I thought I’d cope fine but, of course, I didn’t.  At least she is back to “normal” for her now.

I have been working on my charity knitting and not much else – I am enjoying the slow rhythm of the scarf, the bottle green colour and the feeling of the plain & purl stitches under my fingers.  I am enjoying the cold, wet weather. I am enjoying 2 CLEAN & TIDY bedrooms that I thoroughly cleaned out of fear of a flea infestation (no evidence other than about a thousand bites on ME ONLY – I think they are mosquito’s).  I am enjoying quiet when the babies are both asleep at the same time.  I am enjoying other peoples blogs.  I’m enjoying dreaming of our new house and researching “green” products.  I’m enjoying life.  Everything has a balance, there are ups and downs, we just have to remember where to look!

Lisa, if you are reading this, I am missing you on your blog! 🙂