Sowing seed or Planting –

  • 6 gifted tomato plants (note here that I now have 22 of my tomato seeds up so they will probably go in at the block)
  • 2 peanuts
  • 2 volunteer tomatoes
  • The back garden – 8 bottlebrush, 6 poa grass, 7 kangeroo paw, 2 ground covers (sorry I don’t remember what they were, 3 small flowering shrubs (again I don’t remember their names), 1 Silver Princess – we are aiming to make this garden low maintenance with minimal watering required.


  • No seeds sewn in the past fortnight

Potting up

  • No potting up over the past fortnight

Planning for The Future

  • Reding about garden planning for visual effect for around the shed at the block – we want to make the entrance to the property all native vegetation and remove the vast areas of “lawn” the previous owner had (it took the over 4 hours to mow it all nearly every 2nd week – yuck!).
  • Continuing to research “sustainable” & “green” ideas for the house – reading feedback on the Composting toilet post & taking the comments on board!

Working for the Future –

Managing Stores

  • Sorting out the vast amount of “stuff” we have in the shed here at La Bella Casa & working out what will be moved to the block this weekend when we tke over the shed.  This includes working out jars, containers, water vessels, linen, bedding, cooking items, fridge & furniture.
  • Planning Christmas food supplies.
  • Going through fleeces with future projects in mind (lots of blankets with the soft ones & socks/bags/lined beanies with the others)
  • Going through soap recipes to restock the soap supply

Building Community –

  • Donated a large amount of “old” shoes (they were acutally very good shoes but we seemed to have so many that were never worn) to local charity.
  • In the process of putting the kids on the local Montessori Kindergarten waiting list for places next year in their Tiny Tots program.

Learn a new Skill –

  • Knitting a “sampler” scarf for Ruth’s Scarves for Africa – learning new stitch patterns & combinations… another lesson in patience :)!