Do you do it?  Do you make deals or pacts with yourself that if you get such & such done you’ll reward yourself with something else?  I do it all the time.  I write list all the time, lists of jobs to do, lists of gifts to make, lists of food to buy, lists of plants to plant, lists of seeds to buy, lists of birthdays, lists of lists… see it goes on and on.

Today, after doing some Fregie work, I dawdled through Spinning Knitters on Ravelry – I really enjoy seeing what others are doing but I do try to avoid going there too often as I seem to lose hours – and found a post on what people are doing for December.  What spinning could I do for December… hold one girl, you have to finish the silk/alpaca blend for Henley Perfected & you have to finish the brown fleece for the EZ blanket. So my December project is to finish spinning up the silk/alpaca that I have yet to blend on the drum carder.

My deal today was that if I blend 4 lots of 10g fibre (5g alpaca & 5g silk) on the Drum carder I have to sit & spin it all before I can use the carder again.  It doesn’t sound like much but there a few factors that may make this hard for me:

1) Kids

2) The alpaca is not all that clean (I.e. has lots of vegetable matter that needs picking out – I wont do it this way again but consider it lesson learnt)

3) I am just way too impatient & want to put my blue fleece through the carder or play with the angora I have or knit or anything else but the job in hand.

I figure that if I do this for another 4 days it will be done…maybe I’ll have some plied yarn to show next week.

This is what I want to spin before tomorrow:

50 Alpaca & Silk

Clouds of 50:50 Alpaca & Silk

What do you think the chances are of completing it?