I read lots of other bogs – I subscribe through Bloglines so I know when my favourites have posted – and I often feel a sence of inadequcy when it comes to my gardening skills but I think The Growing Challenge is really helping me!  I used to blme lots of things for my garden not growing what we needed – small space, poor soil, water restrictions – but now i am looking into why things are not successful and, better still, looking at what is successful and why.

One thing I am doing well at growing at the moment is the largest crop of head lice I’ve ever seen!  I’ve had a problem with a very nasty rash on the back of my neck for about 3 or 4 weeks, I even went to the doctor on Friday but he had no idea what it was. My brother & sister-in-law (our first overnight guests at the block) identified it after having gone through the same thing just after they stayed with us…. maybe Gina & I are allergic to the bites or maybe we both had the lice for so long without noticing that they just wrecked havok with our scalps & necks?  Who knows but mine are suffering under some terrible chemicals and I already feel some relief from the burning & itching!

On a true growing note my 2 peanuts are growing well, the crookneck squash are flowering, the transplanted zucchini seem to be coming good, the bush pumpkins look like they are going to flower soon & I bandicooted some yummy Red Star potatoes the other day… going well!