I can’t claim to have made any of my gifts for family this year…. all good intentions seem to have flown out the window with the distraction of the block and the two kids and the dog and Mum.  All excuses – and great ones – but they dont’ seem to get me far :).  I’ve had my birthday – lovely day too with a sleep in, massage at the Beechworth Spa (very luxurious), a visit from one of my brothers & his beautiful family with the gift of a great folding shopping basket & loads of phone calls…oh and my sister gave me an awesome garlic crusher – and now I am focusing on getting through to Christmas.  Beds have been worrying me but I think that’s all sorted out now without anyone having to bring much other than pillows and the food seems to be well in hand – still I may make a trip over to Arnolds.

In the middle of all this was a surprise delivery of some wool.  It was just at the back door one day when we arrived home from the block.  Wow!  It’s coloured fleece & super soft.  I love fleece fairies, Pete doesn’t!!!!  I immediately pulled out 100g – wouldn’t you – and spun it woollen on Natasha’s wheel (yes I took off the alpaca/silk blend which I have spun very little of).  It resulted in a lovely ?aran ?bulky yarn when plied, light airy, soft and bouncy.  Onto the 6mm DPN for a beanie, ends darned & wrapped up to deliver with a 6 pack of beer to the fleece fairy who I believe is a local part time shearer.  What a lovely pre birthday/Christmas gift for my so I had to return the favour.  I think he’ll like the beanie – I hope so as there are others lining up for it – but if not he has a few sons that I am sure will wear it and failing that I hope he gives it to charity.

So here it is:

Pattern: My own beanie pattern
Yarn: Hand spun gift fleece – spun woollen, 2ply, approx 10 WPI
Needles: 6 mm DPN
Commenced: 20 December 2008
Completed: 20 December 2008

Notes: Very quick knit, lovely yarn to work with even if I did spin it myself!  This is my favourite way to knit a beanie, it always seems to work with a nice round top and great overall shape.  Might have to spin up another 7 lots for all the men in the family – birthdays but a few got beanies last year (you can never have too many beanies can you?).