Last week when my brother came to visit he left us with a box of cherries – yummy!  When we arrived home from the block there was an ice cream container of cherries at the door – thank you Auntie Clare – so we had a glut.  What a lovely position to be in with cherries :).  This week, after eating large quantities of cherries we still seem to have lots left and not much hope of getting through them all before they go off so I decided to dig up Stephanie Alexander’s book and preserve the extras.

So, I took the cherries & pitted 1kg with tips from this site.  Then, I made the sugar syrup with 2 cups of water & 1kg of sugar which I simmered for 5 minutes with the cracked pips as per her instructions.

Then I tipped in the cherries and let it all simmer for a few minutes.

Out came the cherries, which were then packed into jars, and the syrup went back on the stove to reduce & thicken.

After that it was poured over the cherries and the jars were sealed.  I then boiled the packed jars for 15 minutes to improve keeping.