I feel like I have been getting nowhere with my knitting over the past two weeks.  It’s my own lazy fault and it’s all about NOT knitting a swatch when I SHOULD.  Two weeks ago I started Edna Rose.  I have had her on my Ravelry list for a long time and finally got the motivation to knit her up (another story that I will tell one day).  IF i ever finish her (I will, I will) she will be going to my friend Di for her birthday which was back in November but the end seems far from sight…sigh…

I started in a lovely green which I think is from the Cleckheton Country Naturals range but came out of Mum’s stash.  I remember which jumper she used this colour in.  Mum used to knit amazing jumpers full of scenes – amazing colour work with an incredible number of bobbins now that I think about it – like farm yards.  They really were works of art… wish she could still knit & share the knowledge… Anyway, the green came from her and it wasn’t enough… not nearly enough and my gauge was too loose anyway, it was going to fit a bear.  I dumped the green beginning an went on to red.  Red, from Mum’s stash, that was also from the Country Naturals range.  It really nice, red with white “bits” through it.  I like it.  I cast on with 4mm needles and knitted up the first pattern repeat.  WAY TOO BIG.  I dumped it.

Then I knitted it on 3.75mm DPN and I wasmuch much happier.   This was going to be a 1 day knit & I think it would have been if I had knit a SWATCH.  Next project I start will get a SWATCH done BEFORE I start….  do you think I’ll EVER learn that lesson… hmmm.

Pattern: Edna Rose by Jacki Kelly
Yarn: Cleckheton Country Naturals from Mum’s stash – less than 1 ball
Needles: 3.75 mm DPN
Commenced: 28 November 2008
Completed: 20 December 2008

Notes: Nice pattern but I am not fond of the decreasing at the top – I prefer a hat/beanie with a smooth rounded top (truely a personal preference not a criticism of the pattern!).  I enjoyed knitting it once I finally had my gauge right.  Don’t think I’d knit it again and I don’t think it will suit the intended recipient so I am going to give Sophie for Christmas as she has fallen in love with it.