Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season whatever your religious persuassion!  We had a great time filled with wonderful family & friends & spent most of our time out at the Block in Beechworth.  So much time that I started a vegetable garden there… it only has 29 asparagus plants at the moment but there are others planned.

There is an amazing Chook Shed & Yard at the block and I started reading up on healthy Chooks the other day.  The ABC Gardening site suggested that Tansy, Wormwood & Rue are great plants to have for minimising intestinal worms and fleas.  We have great wire “cages” ready to go as the pervious owner had them around all of the exotic trees as rabbit proofing so I am keen to get some plants established inside the run before I buy some new Girls.

I am slowly cleaning out all of the old manure and putting into the vegie patch (which seems to have fairly poor soil at the moment) but without a wheel barrow there I am using the kids little trailer and it’s a SLOW process…  I am aiming for 1 row every time we stay there and have artichoke, corn, basil & corriander to go in.

Anyway, my main point of posting about this is to see if anyone out there has some Wormwood, Rue or Tansy to share as I am finding them (well Wormwood anyway) hard to find.  Any suggestions?