It’s been a while since I last posted a back to basics update but I have been planning things & thinking about it.  Time is scarse at the moment – the sun shines & the kids want to play and there are so many visitors (all VERY welcome).

Sowing seed or Planting –

  • Corn, basil, lettuce, a Nellie Kellie passionfruit (of which I will get very little benefit as I have planted it here at La Bella Casa) & corriander


  • Waiting for seeds to arrive – I ordered a whole heap last week.

Potting up

  • Nothing ready

Planning for The Future

  • I have started digging up the vegie patch at Beechworth to tie us over the gap between leaving La Bella Casa & living in the house.  I also want a vegie patch there for weekends – it probably sounds excessive but I love to wander out & collect things for dinner from the garden so I want that there too…   The thing is we are really only there on weekends so I have to rely on hardy plants or rainfall during the periods when we don’t go there.  I am concious of fuel usage so dont’ want to go back & forth all the time…

Working for the Future –

Managing Stores

  • I sundried lots of our apricots – not nearly enough – and made some jam.  I had intended on going back to the block to pick more but the heat & birds beat me and I am quite disappointed about it….
  • The potatoes have been dug up and I am chitting the small ones in an attempt to get a March crop too…  I got a good harvest but they really could have used more water – I am NOT good at watering the garden as a result of conserving water in Melbourne and a HUGE sense of guilt whenever I put it on the garden!  Silly when I am growing food :).

Building Community –

  • I have enrolled both Pete & I in the Tuesday Night Soical Tennis competition to get us both more involved in the community.  I envisige it being a bit of a family thing with the kids coming too… we’ll see how it goes.
  • We went bike riding to visit two different lots of firends yesterday – 12kms in all with the kids in the chariot.  There’s nothing like leading by example.
  • Making gifts for local children’s parties because I enjoy it and I also think it shows that you don’t have to spend lots of money to give a gift.

Learn a new Skill –

  • Sundried apricots – not much skill in it – line some trays with silver foil, place the halved, stoned apricots on top and put in the HOT Aussie Sun for about 4 days til shrivelled & leathery & brown (put them in a very slow oven if needed).
  • Made the apron for the birthday party tomorrow.