It’s been an extremely harrowing 24-48 hours and Pete and I both feel that we had put ourselves in a position of extreme danger by attending that Wedding in Yarra Glen – thank God we left the kids with Pete’s sister in Melbourne.  It was a surprise to see Chateau Yering surrounded by charred earth & smouldering logs & hay bales even though the 2 of us were aware of what was going on (I don’t think many others celebrating had much thought for it at the time).

As with everywhere there are stories coming out here with the Beechworth fires that make you sick and make you joyous – how can such a disaster bring such things. One of our close friends in bunkered down with his elderly parent in Carroll’s Road Mudgegonga watching for embers after the fire raced through last night/this morning.   We have heard of one couple that have perished with their house.  The land we had wanted to buy for so many years has been razed according to the stories.  We are lucky to have so few casualties so far… One of Pete’s work mates called to say “we owed him one” (very tongue in cheek) as he helped build the containment lines that saved our Beechworth property.  We’ve only lost 14 houses (? details are sketchy) here so we really are lucky.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget last night, the horror of watching water bomber as Bridal Speeches were made or the devastation we saw as we drove home along the Hume Highway this afternoon.  Being told we were to stay were we where last night and that we couldn’t go back into Yarra Glen to get the other car or our stuff was confronting but nothing compared to what so many others are/have going/gone through.  I could show you my photos but, as usual, they are not great.

The smoke is thick and the fires are burning but it seems our direct community is safe for now, I just wish our extended community was too! Our thoughts are with you all, wherever you are. Stay Safe!