I have taken the plunge despite my anxiety over whether or not people will like what I make and opened an Etsy store here. I received my wool back from Long Tops on Friday morning and set about dyeing it on Friday afternoon. It was lots of fun but a little tiring!

I just did 7 100g lots to start off…if any of those sell I’ll do some more and, if they don’t, I’ll spin them up for myself!  Either way I will be happy but it would be GREAT to sell some!

I am not sure how I will go with Etsy – I have found it extremely slow loading photos which is a little frustrating with little ones running all over the place – mental note to do it at night next time!

Also, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you all for your thoughts and best wishes – we are fine here in Myrtleford but it did come close to the Beechworth block!