On Thursday I played tennis while my MIL looked after the kids – it’s what we do on Thursdays.  My game wasn’t all that good, it was hot here and I felt a little tired.  I felt very tired when I arrived home but Sam had already had a sleep and Sophie wasn’t interested in one so I set them up with homemade playdough and put some music on while I sat on the couch knitting (I also pulled out of a lunch date as I couldn’t face the kids running around and whinging over lunch).  A very pleasant way to spend an hour, especially when you dig out a favourite album you haven’t listened to for a very long time!

When I was a teenager I LOVED Crowed House – I think I have all their albums somewhere – and I was desperately sad when they “broke up” and had their final concert in Sydney.  I have seen them perform since then but it’s not the same.  I pulled out their live album from the Sydney concert and listened to that.  “Too loud Mummy” was all Sophie had to say about it!  I used to know every word to every song… you know how it is with your favourites.  One of my best ever friends

Can you see the fire weariness on my face

Can you see the fire weariness on my face

gave me Neil Finn’s “Love this Life” book which has the lyrics from 1978 (when I was not even 1) to 2001 and it has been treasured item but today when I heard “Hole in the River” I was shocked to hear the words.  I really listened to it and it is so sad.  Had I know this 18 years ago?  Had I understood the song?  Thursday  it made me feel terribly sad.  How horrible it is but how beautiful does Neil Finn make it sound!?!  Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to listen to my favourites on the album or any more uplifting songs so it stayed with me.

But, to cheer myself up I thought I’d show a finished project:

Helping me block it out

"Helping" me block it out

Pattern: Wave and Shell Shawl by Laurie Osborne
Yarn: 8ply Varigated pink and white from The Yarn Barn in Bunswick – about 6 50g balls
Needles: 6mm straights
Project started: ? sometime in 2006
Project completed: 29 January 2009

Notes: A very easy knit but lost my focus several times.  The result is lovely.  I gave it to my sister – she needs things to keep her warm in Winter and I figure she can stuff it in a bag for work or leave it on the couch for snuggling.  Next time I would knit two halves and graft it to get better definition on the far end scollops.

Work was pretty good – I had forgotten how wonderful nurse are and how much they do for unwell (and well) people.