Sowing seed or Planting –


* 12 lettuce seedlings have been planted out but I am worried about the continuing hot weather and I find them difficult to protect as the dog keeps steeling the covers and pulling them to bits

Sowing (since my last post – they are almost on to potting up stage)

* Mini Cauliflower, Tuscan Kale, Baby Cos lettuce, Great Lakes lettuce, Waltham Broccoli, Mini Cauliflower, Pyrethrum (insecticidal) & comfrey.

Potting up (from the above list of seeds sewn)

* I have potted on 20 Waltham Broccoli and about 16 Ruby Brussel’s Sprouts

Planning for The Future –

* I am potting on as much as possible in the hope that we will be living at the Beechworth Property by the time I want to plant them (? 4 weeks) or close to living there or have more regular rainfall.

Working for the Future –

Managing Stores

* Helped my MIL to make a batch of passata from the home grown tomatoes (hers not mine!) so learnt the process of how they do it, how to bottle, what to use and when to do it!

Building Community –

•    Have become the President of the local Toy Library – am working towards some funding to update toys and buy more large toys.
•    Joined the local Playgroup to allow the kids (and me!!!) to socialise more and make new friends

Learn a new Skill –

•    Making the passata with my MIL was a valuable skill to learn!
•    I am researching the rendering process so that I can render the pig fat this year when we do salami in June – there will be a large amount of fat so I want to collect it and use it for ?both soap and candles.  I believe that as we eat meat we should try and use the whole animal to minimise waste (the dog can have the bones).  See here for one method.
•    Working towards chain plying my wool for socks… haven’t done it before but have read it is a good way of making yarn for socks.