Some people know how much of a “greenie” I am and others are surprised, which always surprises me.

This week I NEEDED one of those watering spouts for the top of a drink bottle – you know the ones that they recommend for gently watering your seedlings?  Anyway, I thought about it for a few minutes and then went to the shed and found a small nail & hammer and made holes in the lid of a used milk bottle – problem solved and a milk container repurposed :).  I felt so pleased with myself that a) I saved all of $1.95 🙂 b) I can now water my freshly planted seeds without fear of washing them away and, c) I reused something that would otherwise just go into the recycling system after a single use.

Tomatoes needed tying and I all my bike tyre ties were in service so I used some scraps from Fregie Sacks(r) – an idea I got from Alex, my business partner.  We have very few scraps, especially now we make Mini Fregie’s too, so the ones that are left are thin and long…prefect for tying tomatoes!  A visit will be made to the local bike shop next week for another tube to make more ties.

And, my third repurposing was to make seedling labels out of an old milk container that has been in use for worm liquid.  They were so quick and easy to make & the black texta/pen stays on them really well.

Overall I am very happy with my efforts this week…. I really am trying to reused things before tossing or recycling…trying!