Sowing seed or Planting –


* I planted out 14 lettuce and 8 Black Tuscan kale on Wednesday and the dog jumped though the netting dug them up on Thursday morning 😦

Planning for The Future –

* Organising a fence around the current planting bed so that I can replant the lettuce and kale with “left over” seedlings

Seed Saving –

* Red box, stringy bark and grey box seeds collected on the block to be raised for revegetation.  All seeds put into plastic boxes in warm environment to encourage opening of the pods.

Managing Stores –

* Two bottles of whole cherry tomatoes put aside for winter – a far cry than the 52 jars I wanted to grow but there will be more

Building Community –

* Wading through local government grants in an attempt to obtain funds for the local Toy Library

* Discussed soap making with a friend at social tennis – we may get together for a soap making session and we will share ideas!

House plans –

* We’ve been researching more water tanks – steel ones now due to Black Saturday – and equipment for the Beechworth house

* Looking into limestone tiles for the interior and trying to find a “local” source

* Meeting with the architect today at 1pm