Thanks to this post I organised a great activity for Playgroup today… we couldn’t go as Sophie has been vomiting and they have both had very high temperatures over 38 degrees but we did keep enough supplies at home to make them here.  I can’t post pictures as the camera is in Pete’s car at work…maybe I’ll post the outcome tomorrow.  It’s an easy project, all you need is a balloon, paste (I think I’d make a four and water paste next time) and yarn scraps of which we had plenty (I have a strange habit of keeping all of the off cuts from darning in ends and sewing up seams…I don’t know why but they came in handy and I had loads to send to Playgroup).

I went through the stash yesterday and organised a box of potential projects.  I put in the pattern and enough wool to complete in together and there is lots to do!  I filled another plastic tub with 8ply (DK) yarns and another with 10-12ply yarn.  I need yet another tub for all of the other yarns.  I certainly don’t need to buy any yarn for a while, it’s just when you want to knit something new and you can’t match any of the stash yarns to it…. I guess that means I have to either not knit it or spin the yarn with my existing fibre stash which is also quite considerable!

And, thanks to Ruth’s reminder the other day, I have pulled out the second Scarf for Africa to finish off… I seem to have a lot of WIPs at the moment…

While I have been doing this I have been applying for Grants to revamp our Toy Library which is in desperate need of new, good quality toys and equipement.  I visited another Toy Library in our Shire and was shocked at the disparity between the two….I have lots of work to do.

In addition to this I have been working as a nurse a little bit and Fregie Sacks is booming… just wish I’d sell more fibre on Etsy so I could get some more processed…all in good time!

Oh, and of course I have been spinning quite a bit and I have some fibre purchases to show off when I get my hands on the camera and go out to the block to photograph them (I am slowly moving stuff out of the shed here and into the shed there… maybe we’ll move soon!).

Plans for the house are going well and we are almost settled on them… which means maybe we’ll be able to apply for permits soon…fingers crossed.

Better be off the “recreational Internet” now as I have loads to do with a Grant Application due this Friday and a unwell babe.  If I haven’t responded to your comments it’s just due to lack of time – I have read and enjoyed them all!