Back to Basics Challenge Update

I have been busy with the garden over the past little while – seeds were ordered and dreamed about, failures of Spring/Summer lamented, the dog cursed and loved again, snippets of herbs given away to friends and family to grow and a revival after a hot dry summer.  I have shoveled compost and cleared dead plants to make way for a new beginning…hopefully a more successful one.  I bought a new metal watering can to replace the broken inherited plastic one and I set to work yesterday with the following planting:

Sowing seed

* 12 Crimson Broad Beans – Diggers

* French Breakfast Radish – Harvest in 40 days – Diggers

*Corriander – Harvest in 90 days – Diggers

*Beetroot, Chioggia – Harvest in 60 days – Diggers – this is supposed to be planted in Spring-Summer according to the packet but Gardenate says now for my region so I’ll give them a go

*Lettuce, Great Lakes – Harvest in 90 days – Diggers

*Leek, Elephant – Harvest in 160 days – Diggers – slightly wrong time of year I think but we’ll see how they go – might get a few skinny ones if we’re lucky

*Turnip, Mini – Harvest in 60 days – Diggers

*Yukina Savoy – Harvest in 40 days – Diggers

*Beetroot, Heirloon Mix – Harvest in 60 days – Diggers (same concern as for the other variety of Beetroot)

*Lettuce, Baby Cos – Harvest in 60 days – Diggers

*Broccoli, Waltham – Harvest in 88 days – Diggers

*Chinese Broccoli – Harvest in 55 days – Diggers

*Brussels Sprouts Ruby – Harvest in 120 days – Diggers

*Snow Pea, Dwarf – Harvest in 40 days – Diggers (frost will probably knock them off but I really want some!)

*Comfrey – Harvest in 150 days – Diggers

*Kale, Black Tuscan – Harvest in 60 days – Diggers

*Tansy, flowers in 120 days – Diggers

*Sweet Alyssum ‘Carpet of Snow’ – flowers in 60 days


* Vietnamese Mint – given by our ex neighbour in Melbourne, it has been struck and is a hardy plant so should be an easy, successful transplant.

* Planted out Lemon Balm cuttings and watered in well – from the same source as the Vietnamese Mint but much harder for me to get going, I hope it works as I love to put it under a running bath.

* Put Catmint – ?is that the same as Catnip? – in a glass to shoot.  It is also from the same source as the Vietnamese Mint.  I read somewhere that there is no point putting cuttings in water to shoot roots and that they should be put into moist soil and kept moist but it usually seems to work for me.

*We were also given 4 Borage plants – I like the purple/blue flowers in salads and they look pretty in the garden too – but I have not decided where to plant them yet…they are potted up so they should be able to wait a little while.

*3 pyrethrum

*4 Ruby Brussels Sprouts

*3 comfry

*transferring Welsh Bunching Onions to another location

*3 black pepper – have to watch the frost

Building Community –

* Applying for Toy Library Funding and starting to make a plan for the future in terms of location and funding

House plans –

* Almost there!  Meeting with Architect and Builder this week to discuss plans.  Building site being adjusted – getting rid of the split level so that we have 1 large area for garden, play and house!

New Skills –

*The Spinning Certificate is going really well and I have learned so much.  I am spinning heaps and knitting a little bit…Sophie’s birthday present has been taking all me knitting time….1 more week to get it done!