I am contemplating taking a new step in letting go of consumerism. More pointedly, stopping the onslaught of non-Australian made products in the home. A few months a go I gave up Shampoo and Conditioner using bicarb soda and vinegar instead with little change in the way my hair looks or feels and a long time ago I gave up on deodorant for bicarb soda. I still sometimes use their commercial counterparts when my “potions” (as Pete call it all) run out or if I am away and haven’t brought them along. Sometimes bicarb doesn’t cut it under the arms but mostly it does – especially if they are hair free!

Anyway my newest thought comes from a need for new underwear. My undies are falling apart…holes, daggy, more holes and threadbare. It’s a sorry state but do you know how hard it is to buy Australian Made undies!?! I started sewing up a few pairs of leggings for Sophie a few weeks ago – the overlocker had a fit and needs a machine doctor – and I put them aside but the cut pieces have been floating around and they made me think of undies.

This morning I finally did some research and found this site that really appealed to me – not the bottom, the pattern and instructions!  It’s  not a project for today or even next week but it’s on the “to do list” with high priority!

P.S. I actually took some photos of MY bottom in my undies but was so shocked by the sight I’m off to climb a mountain!!!