It’s taken some time, loads of frustration and lots of talking (there is always lots of talking when I am around!) but we finally have internet on at the block which means an imminent move to Beechworth!  True be told we have unofficially moved and it’s wonderful.  Life is bright and light and even when it’s pouring outside it remains dry inside.  It’s been pouring – another brightening event – and the bottom dam is no longer 2 puddles but one lovely pond with a pair of native ducks living on it….looking forward to ducklings in Spring!

With the slow move – 1 bring a car load each time I go back into Myrtleford – I have had the time to look at things, see what we have, what we don’t need, wonders that have been hiding/shoved into spaces in tiny, damp La Bella Casa.  It’s a great thing moving – well, I don’t like moving as such but a car load at a time is kind of interesting without too much stress – and kind of liberating.

One of the first things moved was the fibre stash, both fleeces and yarn, and lives in MY shed.  I have my own shed!  I love my shed!  It is my mess and keeps Pete stress free by not having to fall over bags of fleece, boxes of yarn, piles of Fregie Sacks and containers of seeds.

The other thing to move was a large and growing pile of WIPs.  Today I laid my most important ones out and here is my list to finish off in order of priority:

1.  CPAP cover – 90% completed, needs pressing, seam sewn and mailing out to recipient.

2.  Sophie’s Jacket – 70% completed, needs 1 arm seam sewn, 1 side seam sewn, collar finished (1/2 knitted), pocket linings, 1 pocket edging and the zipper.

3.  Sophie’s Blanket – 40% completed, needs loads more squares, it is certainly at a usable size for a 3 year old but I do want to finish it off properly.

4.  Wicked – 80% finished, I had “finished” it for the second time but it was about 4 inches short, ?how did that happen?  I have ripped it for a second time and am knitting the bottom for the 3rd time.

5.  Mohair Blanket – 75% completed, a long ongoing project that my enthusiasm waxes and wanes for.  1 and a half panels to go and sewing it up…. not a priority although some throws on the couch to supplement the fire would be good in this -1 degree C. nights!

So, that’s the knitting round up and then there is the spinning:

1.  Alpaca Worsted Sample for Class – 50% completed

2.  Alpaca Woollen Sample for Class – 50% completed

3.  Alpaca Blend for Class – 0% completed

4.  Mohair worsted for class – 50% completed

5.  Mohair semi worsted for class – 50 % completed

6.  Mohair blend for class – 1% completed

7. Fibres for Final Project – coming along, no idea what percentage has been completed but less that 5% for sure!

8.  Finn/Suffolk fleece – 1 bobbin spun, want to finish another and ply for socks.

So, there it is, my fibre/knitting list that I am working on.  I sent Ruth the 2 scarves I knitted for the Africa charity but forgot to take a photo of the second one.  I have finished Sophie’s Choice Socks and she seem to like them so that was a success.  Now, I am off to find the 8th day in the week….