I am steadily working through my fibre to-do-list and finding a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction in doing so.  Last night I finished 2 things, the sample of 2 ply worsted Alpaca for the course and the CPAP tubing cover.

CPAP Cover

Pattern: My Own – simply a long length of knitted fabric sewn into a tube.

Yarn: Yarns’ ranging from 10 ply to 4 ply help double – small amount of each

Needles: 4mm circular

Project started: June 2009

Project completed: 13 June 2009

Notes: A very easy knit on a circular needle knitted back and forth to produce
lengthwise stripes of colour. If I had done a gauge swatch I would have known how many stitches to cast on but I took a punt and ended up knitting up about 50cm of length that I didn’t need to
fulfil the specs of the job. One day I will learn that lesson but in this case it won’t make any difference to
it’s function of reducing the condensation.