Before I had children I read so many books – all the time – but when I became pregnant with Sophie – the subsequent nausea for 35 weeks probably a large factor – I found concentrating on a book very difficult.  Sophie was born a I was tired and busy and then pregnant again with Sam so soon.  Reading became largely confined to blogs, snippets of newspapers and the odd book.  I dont’ seem to be much of a magazine reader but I do loving Knitting & Spinning stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I have read a few books and thoroughly enjoyed them but nothing has caught me like my current book.  I have some sort of chest infection/cold so sitting upright on the couch with a book is lovely – the kids are watching too many cartoons though.  I am popping so much Vitamin C and B it’s crazy.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand – it has me mesmerised!

Also, I have decided to get some Suffolks for our farm so I am on the hunt for 6 girls if you have any tips for finding them?  I figure that I like their wool, they are nice meat and they are good breeders.  I’d like to cross them with Finn as I LOVE their wool so I’m off to do a bit more research.

Also, 4 Isa Brown pullets have come to live with us to provide us with joy, food scrap recycling and eggs.  They are funny things – wont sleep in the house but cower in the yard – last night I went out in the rain and moved each one onto the perches inside the house, just in time to beat the wild storm and hail.

The Isa Browns are soon to be joined by 3 Indian Game bantams and an Indian Game Rooster – these guys are a meat breed and I was shocked to see how different they are to the Isa Browns.  Acquiring them will be the next step in my self sufficiency journey.  I am not sure if I am up for this task but I am determined to try it.

Another win for me was the wonderful visit of one of the older brothers with his wonderful wife and 3 children.  They came for the weekend and it was lots of fun.  Sam is still asking for Sara and looking for her in the bedrooms.  Matt dug over my vegie patch – a task I had started but not accomplished much – so I was able to plant out a heap of different seeds.  It has rained ever since so I hope they germinate not rot.  Thanks guys!

Now I just need to get in touch with Yalca Fruit Trees and order some fruit trees and berries.  If you want lovely trees, a great variety and great service get in touch with Campbell & Tan!