As part of the course we need to do a major project that demonstrates the knowledge we have learned over the 12 month course.  I thought about this a lot in the first 2 months and decided that I would try to knit a Sampler Blanket/Wall hanging that show cased ALL of the different sheep breeds in Australia.  I made a list of breeds I could find:

  1. Border Leicester
  2. English Leicester
  3. Romney
  4. Polworth
  5. Corriedale
  6. Dorset Down
  7. Dorset Horn
  8. Poll Dorset
  9. East Fresian
  10. Lincoln
  11. Texel – ? being sent soon
  12. Dorper
  13. Suffolk
  14. South Suffolk – ? being sent soon
  15. Hampshire Down
  16. Cheviot
  17. Drysdale
  18. Shropshire
  19. Dohne
  20. Tukidale
  21. Finnsheep
  22. Ryeland – ? sample being sent in November
  23. Wiltipol
  24. Wiltshire Horn
  25. Coopworth
  26. Afrino Merino
  27. South African Meat Merino
  28. Merino – Superfine
  29. Southdown – ? being sent soon
  30. Perendale

If you have anymore to add please let me know.  The ones crossed off are the ones I have acquired – mostly through very generous donations – through contacting different growers.  Each person has sent me a 150g raw sample of their fleece which I am fully scouring and then preparing in what I feel is the most appropriate way.  It’s time consuming but fun!  So far I have only acquired just under 50% of the samples (but I do have a few that may be coming soon) I need but I have until February next year to get it completed.

My intention is to place the samples from carpet wool through to superfine merino.  Here’s hoping it works and not another case of biting off more than I can chew!  If you know where I could acquire my missing samples please let me know!