Winter can be a time for hibernation.  A time to sit and reflect, to stay warm by the fire, rest, eat comforting foods and be with family.  It can be.  It should be.  Winter for us has been a very very busy time!  There has been sitting and resting – largely due to illness – and there has been lovely times with family – we always LOVE visits and especially overnight stays!  There has been comfort food.  And, there has been crafting!

Several weeks ago, when The Fregie Sack business was demanding a great deal of internet time, I realised that I was spending so much time looking and reading about what everyone else was doing that I had lost the time when I would have been “doing”.  As a result I have curtailed by internet time and dedicated more time to actually “doing”.

There is lots to post – and it seems so little time to post! – but I will start with this:

Hanspun - Woollen

Handspun - Woollen

It makes me happy – hand spun woollen from gifted fleece that is to become a second fingerless mitt for my sister and a beanie for the man who gave the fleece to me.  Woollen Handspun sitting in the sun smacks of Spring and light and fun and the warmth of the Sun.

I’m off to start planning out the position of my new fruit trees from Yalca Fruit Trees.  Hope the sun is smiling on you today too!