I finally stopped talking the talk and started walking the walk and have “ordered” 4 ewes from Wilanjie Coloured Sheep & Wool.  Marion was a wonderful source of information and recommended obtaining a ram from someone else which I have attempted to do and am yet to secure.

Photo from Wilanjie coloured Sheep & Wool Website

I have been tormenting myself over what type of sheep to get and finally made the decision by deciding what type of fleece I would get the most pleasure from.  Corriedales are a dual purpose sheep providing fleece that can be used for a wide range of applications and they provide good quality meat.  Coloured sheep appeal to me and I feel excited about our new inhabitants coming to stay.  I am going to pick them up on the 11th.

I feel like I am slowly but surely progressing towards my goal of becoming largely self sufficient – in the lightest sense of the word – and feel such a surge of motivation with each new step.  It really is self propelling!

I’m off to spin up some fibre for another hexagon and dream away of little lambs frolicking and brown sheep wandering around the yard.