I shouldn’t really say “The Girls” as one is a wether but I still refer to them as The Girls & Romeo – sorry lovely wether.  The girls are going well and now eat from my hand after Pete built them a yard near the house to eat down the grass and remove the fire hazard that it had become.  I feed them a handful of Rolled Barley with about 1% Lupins mixed in and the occasionally armful of lucerne and they run when they see me.  When I am in the vegie patch I throw over broccoli leaves which they love and we are developing a lovely relationship.

The photo above is from some time ago – the green grass is a give away – but you can just see Romeo at the back.

Another old photo with lush green grass

They were finally shorn about a month ago and it was a pretty exciting afternoon.  Funny that I should find it so exciting when I was exposed to sheep shearing every year as a child but still it was!

The Shearer was excellent and I have told him I want him to come back next year… had better knit those beanies I promised before then!

I am extremely happy with the fleeces, there are very few second cuts, they are VERY soft to handle, the staple is lovely and long and the colours are superb.

I have started spinning the silver fleece in the grease and I have washed some of the black/brown and blended it with some alpaca I was given recently.  The alpaca is kind of course so I am hoping that the corriedale will help soften up the finished yarn.

I have so many projects in my Ravelry queue – 204 to be exact – and I want to spin the fibre for most of them so I think I have already piled a lifetime of spinning and knitting in this list.  I keep thinking of things to use the fleeces for but I just need to get spinning as there will be 5 more fleeces in 11 months when they get shorn again!