How long has it been since you last really studied?  I am back at it after about 6 years and I am struggling to make myself sit down and finish off my essay due next Thursday.  The weather is so wonderful, conducive to fibre processing, spinning, knitting, mooching in the garden, wheel barrowing horse poo and chook litter, playing on the trampoline and, of course, wandering the hills looking for sheep.

I have just baked a loaf of bread and these that I saw here and sat down to tackle the essay once more and here I am blogging.  Maybe you’ll see more from me in the coming months as I perfect my avoidance tactics :).

Thanks for your sheep comments, will keep you posted.  In the meantime I am blending up the Whether’s fleece with some coarse gifted Alpaca in the bid to make it soft enough for beanies to give back to the person who gave me the Alpaca fibre. And spinning of course.  And knitting up a sock.  See, blog fodder is in progress :).