I have been doing a bit of spinning lately – inspired by the Spinning Knitters group finished photos on Ravelry.  Last year I put together a few fibres I wanted to spin and I am slowly going through that pile on a bid to both stash bust and create yarns for items I want to knit.  They first result of these forays is this:

Mint/Sage green silk/merino blend

The colour hasn’t come out but it’s a lovely soft green with flecks of colour in the silk.  This is 100g/240m (approx. 260 yards) of 2ply spun @ 12 WPI, it is exactly what I needed for the project I had in mind and I think I can credit this to the Spinning Certificate course.  I am going to knit the Bainbridge Scarf with it for a friend one day soon!  Just need to get a few things off the sticks!