Pattern: Sam’s Vest
Yarn: Handspun – 11WPI, 20sts inch – 2ply
Needles: 4.5mm circular & double pointed needles
Project started: 18 April 2010
Project completed: 24 April 2010

Notes: I wasn’t sure that I had enough yarn initially – in fact, I wasn’t sure until I was almost finished the body – but I made it through with yarn to spare.  I knitted the body on a circular needle, in the round, to save seaming up, divided for the V-neck, sleeves and back, and knit the sleeve bands on double pointed needles.

Knitting up my own pattern with my own yarn was an excellent learning experience.  I use a Reader’s Digest Needlework book to work out the pattern – next time I will also calculate the amount of yarn required.

Overall I love it and so does Sam! I am really please with myself for taking the time to do the math and work it all out for my handspun – looks great on and has room to stretch.