I find lots of things about knitting hard.  Setting aside time at this stage of my life has got to be the hardest coupled with my lack of faithfulness to a project.  No matter how hard I try I just cannot commit to one project at a time and so often I get half to three-quarters of the way through and begin something else resulting in many things commenced but not completed.  I have many many WIPs and I am trying to pick them up and carry on in a bid to become more organised and actually have some clothing for us all!

I think one of my biggest downfalls is my desire to do everything – to start with growing the wool, using the raw fleece, scour or spin in the grease, actually spin enough for the project, dye it, knit it….sometimes I even think I will design it!  And this is just the knitting, imagine the rest of my life…cooking is the same, it has to be from scratch.  Then there is the cleaning thing….I feel the need to use homemade products when I do any cleaning and that then involves another step.  Then there is the garden…. not a great success as my seed raising is not all that successful for various reasons.  Spinning….so much to get through so I don’t even know where to start!

Now, don’t get me wrong I am not complaining or making excuses just realising some home truths….I think I take on more than I can handle…all the time!

So, I am trying to work out how to let my knitting be both enjoyable and productive.  How to keep my interest on one project?  Well, I think accountability is a good thing and I think the lack of blog writing can be attributed to a crafting funk (go Glee!) –  which may also have been contributed to the loss of one of my new KnitPicks DPN in the size I am using for the most recent socks, a lack of time due to doing my Masters, building a house and two children under 4…

I need to regain the sense of the journey, not the feeling of pressure with my lack of output.  I need to let go of having to do it all.  The thing that I have found with studying is that I seem to work a bit better with a sense of urgency.

So, this is my plan.  Here is a photo of where I am at with a new jumper for Sam:

I have knitted the back and as I really abhor knitting sleeves I have started on those so the front will be my reward – I am knitting them both at once to ensure symmetry and that they both get completed :).   I find bands tedious too… do you think I’m over knitting?  Just not allowing myself to enjoy the process!

Over the next seven days I am going to try to devote 1/2 hour to this project every day with a photo of the proof.  This blog will be my accountability.

Over the next seven days I am also only going to spin the lovely white Finn/Corriedale fleece I have left – I currently have this much on a bobbin: